History – Connected to the traditions of Zeiss and Abbe

Our success story began with former employees of the Zeiss factory Jena founding the company in 1990 – with Thomas Lucas in the lead.

1990 company founding

1993 organization of the manufacture for the construction of mechanical and electronic
              components, including assembly of circuit boards

1996 establishment of an international distribution network for circuit boards

1997 extension of production for OEM products and special cables

2000 move into our own company premises in Jena

2002 implementation of the quality-control system according to ISO 9001-2000

2003 conversion to the inventory control system “Navision”

2005 production of the 10.000th pressing furnace for dental materials

2008 establishing the LED-technology business segment

2010 LUCAS exhibit their own product LED-Commander at the Light+Building fair

2010 LUCAS components and partner Opulent exhibit their skills on the topics of PCBs
              at the electronica in Munich

2011 first project with own LED-lighting technology

2013 Sales start of LED-lighting concept taghelLED