Devices and systems


In-house production and OEM

Dental technology

In-house production and OEM – Advance by innovation

We have long-time experiences in the manufacture of mechanical and electronic components as well as of complete devices and their initiation. Our own prototyping and the direct vicinity of development and production are the base of failure-free actions.

In-house production
AM1050 Stripping Force Tester – product discontinued, service only
AM2500 Stripping Force Tester – new generation
Pressing Furnace – new generation

Order history and services
Crimp controller and charging amplifier / development and production
Dynamometers for optic modules / development and production
Ultrasonic device for anesthesia / design and whole system
Pivot coupler for a surgical microscope / construction
Control module GWN-TEC 1000 for innovative heating engineering / development and production
Video relays / development and prototyping
Real-time gel cataphoresis device / further development of hardware and software

Series production of special cables